Pen Tip Manufacturing Company in India

CRI Ltd.

CRI is a specialized company that creates and designs pen tips for the leading writing instrument brands of the world. From the very first classic pen tip it created way back in 1992, to the ultra-modern ones it innovates today, CRI has always stood as the exemplar of unmatched perfection, and unrivalled precision.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, CRI’s expert service team will always be at hand to provide you with all necessary assistance and help you find practical solutions to every requirement. A Company built on the vision and values of perfection; a team whose pride, passion and perseverance are devoted to the quest for precision. That is precisely what makes CRI the institution that it is today.

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CRI today stands as the first and only pen tip manufacturing company in India to be awarded the highly prized ISO 9001-2000 Certification

CRI is the 2nd largest ball point tip manufacturing company in the world

The company has always maintained its benchmark in quality while consistently breaking new grounds in its domain

CRI also collaborates extensively with customers, creating an impressive array of wholly customised solutions, tailored to meet specific needs