CSR Initiatives & Going Beyond Business

Going Beyond Business

Emami’s quest for inclusive growth

At Emami, the operative philosophy is that inclusive growth is not a destination but a journey. A journey made possible by the progressive engagement of all stakeholders in the developmental process. The Group has implemented social interventions across the country. Its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are designed around United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on advancing education, skill development and healthcare. Emami’s CSR activities focus on holistic societal development and it has widened its CSR impact by partnering with civil society and NGOs.

  • Education & Skill Development
    Padho India Padho

    This initiative promotes holistic education support for the children and students from socially and economically downtrodden sections of the society.


    This project provides students, schools and educational institutions with the necessary learning resources and support. Deserving students from financially marginalised families are granted scholarships and study grants.


    Student Support Program: Scholarships, Financial Aids & Education Material Support provided to 124 underprivileged and needy students for their studies and distributed Textbooks to 500+ needy students.

    Education Infrastructure Support: Infrastructure Support provided to various School/Educational Institutions for better education facilities.

    Ekal Vidlaya: Provided support to Friends of Tribal Society to operate 75 one teacher schools benefitting 1131 students.

    After School Support Program: Provided after school coaching support for the After School Support Program to 170+ students at Emami Foundation CSR centres in Kolkata & Haripal.

    Nanhi Saraswati Girl Child Education Support Program: Provided learning opportunities to meritorious as well as needy girl child students from economically weaker sections of the society.

    Project Udayan Care – Shalini Fellowship Program: Support was provided towards academic excellence & personality development of 50 Shalinis - girl students from underprivileged sections of the society.

    Digital Education in Rural Areas: Smart Classrooms was also set up at Haripal Centre of Emami Foundation for students in rural areas to get access to the best of teachers from Kolkata.

    Badhte Kadam

    This initiative promotes employment generation and livelihood creation through skill development and enhancing relevant and appropriate vocational skills.


    This programme imparts training in vocational skills that enhances employability and can contribute to the national income. The programme comprises in-demand skills such as apparel designing, stitching and tailoring, beauty and hairdressing, financial accounting such as GST and Tally, spoken english, grooming and personality development among others.


    Skill Development Program: Skilling and vocational training provided to 800+ underprivileged youths in Kolkata & Hooghly dist. of West Bengal in various trades through CSR Skill Development Centres operating under the aegis of Emami Foundation.

    Padhenge Hum Padhane Ke Liye

    This initiative improves learning outcomes of the students by capacity building of teachers through their training and innovative teaching practices and pedagogies.


    The Company trains teachers to enable them to address specific learning needs of the students through a collaborative platform that facilitate communication among teachers, students, parents and entire community.


    Teacher’s Training Program: Digital Training was undertaken for 100+ Teachers of rural schools under the “Daksh” Teachers Digital Empowerment Program.

    (All figures mentioned are for FY 2022-23)

  • Social Upliftment Programs
    Jan Kalyan

    This initiative focuses on social upliftment of the vulnerable sections of the society.


    At Emami, sustainable development warrants a commitment to corporate social responsibility, supporting socio-economic progress. The initiative comprises a variety of actions like enhancing rural and slum areas, enhancing social infrastructure, addressing hunger, promoting arts and sports, animal welfare and managing disasters.


    Hunger mitigation programme: Addresses the issue of hunger, poverty and malnutrition by distributing food and supplements in and around the factory units and through Emami Foundation-managed CSR centres in Kolkata and its suburbs benefitting more than 3 lakhs hungry people during the year.

    Promotion of sports: Promotion of sports and sportsmen in 6 schools covering 8 villages in the vicinity of Emami Ltd’s Pantnagar factory unit - around 192 sports talent were identified under this program comprising of 129 boys and 63 girls. Around 90 parents were also counselled to encourage their children in sports activities.

    Promotion of art and culture: A lot of art festivals of Indian cultural legacy were organised for cross pollination of ideas and creativity where Art exhibitions, Graffiti & Band Competitions, Art bazaar, Musical concerts, Folk performances, Workshops & Talks, Virtual talk sessions & Film Screening were held.

    Disaster management and rescue services: Rescued 380+ vulnerable people from Kolkata streets and rehabilitated / reunited them with their family.

    Animal welfare: Supports veterinary clinics for the treatment of sick animals in Kolkata.

    Project Gokulam: Family-based rehabilitation of abandoned and parentless children, destitute women and widows was undertaken at Vrindavan, Mathura - 15 Vatsalya Parivars got benefitted consisting of 169 children and 55 women.

    SHE – Commerce: 50+ women were trained on e-commerce to support the broad aim of women’s economic empowerment by addressing the practical need of women to become self-sufficient.

    (All figures mentioned are for FY 2022-23)

  • Healthcare

    This initiative provides the underprivileged population access to preventative & promotive healthcare services to facilitate demographic and socioeconomic transition.


    The Group’s mission is to democratize healthcare - accessible, affordable, and available for all. Emami offers medical aid to financially challenged patients and conducts clinics and camps to address the healthcare needs of society.


    Comprehensive Diabetes Care Centre: It launched a pioneering diabetes care and management centre for the underprivileged (comprising specialist diabetologist consultation, diabetes foot examination, diabetic retinopathy examination, diabetes diet advice and diabetes education). These services have been availed by 1100+ Diabetes patients during the last one year.

    Promoting Health Infrastructure: Provided healthcare infrastructure support to Mahavir Seva Sadan for setting up a research and rehabilitation centre for children with cerebral palsy - also upgraded the health infrastructure of the Haripal CSR centre.

    Financial Aid to Critical Patients: Supported the treatment and health care of 800 + patients by providing financial aids to patients who needed urgent & emergency life threatening medical intervention.

    Promoting Health Care through Clinics & Camps: Operated and managed outpatient department clinics, benefitting 70 thousand + needy beneficiaries at Emami Foundation operated CSR Centres in Kolkata & suburbs of West Bengal.

    (All figures mentioned are for FY 2022-23)