Paper Mills Industry & Fastest Newsprint Manufacturing Machine

Emami Paper Mills Ltd.

Emami Paper Mills Ltd. (EPML) is India's premier paper mill, established in 1981, renowned for crafting exquisite paper products and delivering exceptional services. With its robust production capacity of 3,40,000 tpa and a dedicated 33.5 MW captive power plant, EPML manufactures multi-layer coated packaging board, high-quality writing & printing paper, and premium newsprint.

EPML takes pride in leading the high-end packaging board segment and exporting a substantial portion of its production to its esteemed customers in South East Asian countries. EPML's signature brand "Solitaire" is a rising star brand in the premium writing & printing paper space.

At EPML, an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality, relentless innovation, operational efficiency, and community development sets the Company apart. EPML prioritizes customer satisfaction, embraces eco-friendly practices, and nurtures a socially responsible corporate ethos. EPML is proud to be India's largest newsprint manufacturer, crafting exquisite high-end packaging board, and fostering a highly engaged and competent workforce.

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Largest newsprint manufacturer in India with fastest machine

Manufacturer of High End Packaging Board (USFDA and FSC Certified)

Manufacturer of an excellent quality Recycled Board as well as Virgin Board.

Leading player in Premium Paperboard segment

Environment friendly operation by adopting cleaner technologies and processes

Practicing safe and healthy manufacturing process

Fostering responsible corporate citizenship in business