Paper Mills Industry & Fastest Newsprint Manufacturing Machine

Emami Paper Mills Ltd.

Emami Paper Mills Limited, which was sprouted in the year 1981, today carries the leadership position in Indian newsprint industry with largest manufacturing capacity, fastest newsprint manufacturing machine, state-of-the-art technology, 100% capacity utilization, import substitute product quality, environment friendly operation, lowest production cost and renowned customer base. Reinforcing its dominance in the newsprint industry, it has further plunged into the growing segment of value added paperboard; and within a very short span of time, it has established its quality in the premium paperboard segment at par with the years’ old leading brands.

The company has production capacity of 2.77 lakh tpa capacity diversified into 1.45 lakh tpa of newsprint and writing-printing paper and 1.32 lakh tpa of paperboard. It has three power plants aggregating capacity of 30.5 Mw to satisfy its entire steam and power requirement from captive source.

Following the footprint of the Emami Group, the company aims to grow with the community around it and recognizes its responsibility as a sincere corporate citizen. Emami Paper, with that view, is developing improved livelihood for the community in the surrounding areas of its Balasore Plant location, by providing means for better education, drinking water, sanitation, vocational training, cleaner environment, eradication of poverty and overall rural development, which is laying a path for sustainable and comprehensive growth of the company.

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Largest newsprint manufacturer in India with fastest machine

Import substitute quality newsprint at lowest production cost

Adoption of cleaner technology

Rising star in premium paperboard segment

Customer oriented business policy ensuring quality parameters, on time delivery, product development and cost reduction

Environment friendly operation by adopting cleaner technologies and processes

Practicing safe and healthy manufacturing process

Fostering responsible corporate citizenship in business